Astronomy, Meteorology and Biology as Hobby!

26 September, 2021 News

Until now, science was clearly conducted by professional researchers inside specially configured laboratories. This however has changed. Science has become more open, with the citizens interested in specific scientific fields undertaking initiatives. Everyday people as armature astronomers make observations in the night sky using their telescopes, armature storm chasers take photos of severe weather phenomena whereas biologists classify in special repositories rare insects of their region.

All these are going to be discussed in the on-line round-table organized by Europe Direct Attica during which groups of citizens are going to present their activities and inspire others to start the hobby that they love.

Panagiotis Patzekos, Create Astronomy Friends Club, Iakovos Strikis, Hellenic Amateur Astronomy Association – HAAA, Christos Doudoulakis, Greek team of red sprites and TLE Chasers, Iakovos Dimitriou, Alientoma

Event title: Astronomy, Meteorology and Biology as Hobby || Date & time: Friday, September 24, 13.00-14.00