Stratos Asimellis | Shaping Society through Communication Science

17 September, 2021 News

What is Science Communication? Does it offer entertainment or education? Can we have fun and learn at the same time? What has the Battle of Salamis got to do with chemical reactions? How can 17 camels be connected to the catalysts? How to explain degeneration to everyone? How do you wake up students? Can you learn Chemistry by playing with your mobile phone and Lego bricks? What is the opinion of experts in Science Communication? What characteristics should be cultivated by anyone who wants to deal with applications of Science Communication?

These and many other questions will be answered by Stratos Asimellis in the talk “Shaping Society through Communication Science!

Stratos Asimellis is an MSc Chemist, teacher at the Model High School of Anavryta and PhD Candidate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a research background in Communication of Science. He also participates in a theatrical group that presents stand-up performances on the subject of science, and he has been the Chairman of the organizing committee of the Panhellenic Chemistry Competition for the last 10 years.

Speech title: Shaping Society through Communication Science || Date & time: Saturday 25, September, 18.00-19.00