Dimitris was born in Thessaloniki Greece. He grew up in the city of Edessa and now he is living in Myrina on the island of Lemnos. From a young age, Dimitris was training in swimming and he was playing at the Aeropos basketball team in Edessa. He was also learning computer science and the English language and then French. As life went on so Dimitris, learning how to play the piano and riding his mountain bike up to the mountains. It was then when he finally got his proficiency in English, his ECDL in computer science, and an A level in French. He loves motor vehicles and especially those old shiners that modding makes them not only playful but shiny again. He is also a fun (nerd I would say) of the development of technology and especially the assembly of computers (pc modding), as well as the creation of characters for animated series. At the same time, he was attracted by the fine arts regardless of whether he never took it seriously because he was just drawing ugly stick figures. Nowadays he is studying at the University of the Aegean in the food and nutrition department, (Food and nutrition science), since in his free time he likes cooking and pastry making. Of course, deserts come with a price so he blows off some steam playing games and some calories doing calisthenics.