Giannis grew up in Ioannina. From a young age he was the “strange” child, he loved to read and learn about the human body. This led him a few years later to study at the Technical University of Ioannina in the field of Biomedical Engineering. Since 2015 he has been in charge of Human Resources and trainer at AIESEC in 3 different countries. In 2018, winning the FameLab competition, he represented Greece in the global science communication competition. In the same year he created the TEDxMaviliSquare in Ioannina. Now with TEDx Ioannina being the largest volunteer organization in Epirus, it is also at the helm of the Ioannina Science Festival.

For him, the Athens Science Festival is proof that when you manage to transform what you love into a form that can be understood by everyone, you have achieved something magical. He firmly believes in two things: that science is for everyone and that Santa Claus is real.