Maria was born and raised in Thessaloniki. Her favorite subjects in her school years were history and gymnastics, however, in her university studies, she preferred to pursue sciences. She started swimming in elementary school, but half a year later she gave up and preferred to try her luck in basketball. The sport took up a large part of her life, with victories but also many team and individual defeats. Through basketball, Maria learned how to function as part of a team, but also the importance of cooperation and selflessness when it comes to a team. But other than a form of exercise and fun, basketball was the reason why Maria decided to pursue studies in the field of nutrition, as she was looking for ways to better her diet to improve her performance. 9 years later, Maria’s career in basketball came to an end after she got accepted to the Department of Food Science and Nutrition after the 2nd attempt in the national examination. For the last 2 years, Crossfit has taken the place of basketball in her life.