Panagiotis was born in Lemnos island. He had a lively childhood and adolescence, with many experiences. From an early age, he showed a tendency to sports, classify and organize, as he was also interested in the effect of food on human health. He went through many sports, most importantly that of athletics, where he had reached the conquest of the second place in the inter-club championship of western Peloponnese in the 1000m. He considers the trip Kalamata-Thessaloniki with bicycles, which he made with his friends at 18, as a great goal. He considers his inclination towards the food sector, tied with their enrollment at the department of food science and nutrition in 2016, where he also found the opportunity to be elected to the management board of the Student Society, and to chair it for the last two years. In this context, he had the opportunity to participate in various activities, such as festivals, workshops, etc. He loves to organize trips and meet different people. Acclimating himself to science, he was convinced that the latter is everywhere and can significantly improve the world. Finally, he has begun to lay the foundations for his future, with a master’s degree of his choice, as well as the cultivation/trade of prickly pears, with the help of his father.