Polyxeni was born in Athens in 2001, and she is from the island of Paros. From an early age, she enjoys engaging in a variety of activities. She gradually spent almost 8 years in swimming, 2 years in sailing, and another 5 years in water polo, which showing her preference for water sports. She is an organized person with a strong element of perfectionism, while at the same time characteristic features of her personality are her appetite for innovation, her altruism, and her innate optimism. She is also a person who hardly “puts it down”, always trying to give the best possible result. She likes to solve her problems through dialogue and to listen to the opinions of her interlocutors, as she says “they offer you another perspective that you may never have thought of until now”.

Today, she is studying at the Department of Food Science and Nutrition on the island of Lemnos, a department that has piqued her interest and offers her a variety of dreams regarding her future and her professional career. Nevertheless, she generally takes care in her life to be realistic and to … ” have her feet on the ground “!