Spiros was born and raised on the island of Lemnos, an ideal home for the adventurous spirit each of us holds inside at an early age. Since high school, he had already shown a particular interest in the courses of biology and chemistry, thanks to the explanation given to him in basic mechanisms of life through science. Having developed his liking for science after finishing high school, he sought disciplines related to health and the environment, as well as ways to improve the above. Curiosity and interest surrounding the food industry forwarded his studies in Food and Nutrition Science, providing a glimpse into scientific research surrounding the food industry. In these years, the ability to come into contact with the experimental mindset of a scientist, as well as lab work, was all a reminder that man bears responsibility for his intelligence, which he exploits with benefit through science. Future aspirations include engagement in the brewing industry, oinology as well as sustainable biotechnology applications for environmental issues.