Dimitris Rakopoulos | The Energy Transition: from Mineral and Conventional, to Renewable and Intelligent

22 September, 2021 News

With still fresh memories of widespread fires and other natural disasters nationally and globally as a result of climate change, Dr. Dimitrios Rakopoulos will try to outline the energy transition that is taking place, in an effort to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gases. The development of Greece, but also of many countries, was based on the production of energy from fossil fuels and its conventional management. However, in order to reverse climate change, it is now necessary for energy to be produced in a renewable and environmentally friendly way and to be managed with intelligent methods that will ensure the sustainability of the energy system at all levels (technical, environmental, economic, social). The various stages in this current transition from the age of mineral and conventional energy to renewable and intelligent, the challenges, the next steps, and of course the role of research through the personal experiences of the speaker will be explained.

Dr. Dimitrios Rakopoulos, Graduate and Doctor of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Chemical Processes & Energy Resources of the National University of Athens, while he has extensive industrial and administrative experience in the Energy sector in various public and private sectors. Key research interests: Diesel engines, thermal power plants, innovative energy systems, Smart Buildings and Networks, aiming at optimal energy production and management, reducing the environmental footprint and the sustainability of energy projects. He is the author of numerous articles in internationally recognized scientific journals and conferences, author and reviewer in scientific journals, member of the scientific committee of international conferences and he is at the top 1% of the Most Highly Cited Researchers worldwide.

Speech title: The Energy Transition: from Mineral and Conventional, to Renewable and Intelligent|| Date & time: Sunday 26 September 13:00-13:30