George Karagiannidis | From Fryktoria to 5G and 6G: A Journey into the World of Communication

21 September, 2021 News

A journey into the world of communication, the starting line is Ancient Greece and Fryktoria, as we travel into the 20th century and proceed to today, the 21st century and the 5G networks, with final destination the future and its 6G network. Through his exciting speech, George Karagiannidis will give more details and explanations to questions that have arisen the recent years about 5G and telecommunications. Finally, for the first time in Greece, there will be a report on what the 6G networks will be like, which will operate in 2030.

George Karagiannidis is Professor of Digital Telecommunication Systems and Director of the Telecommunications Department of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of AUTh. His main research activities include Wireless Communication Networks, Wireless Power Transfer and Communications & Signal Processing for biomedical applications. He has given over 100 lectures at foreign universities and forums. He has been awarded many times for his contribution to research in telecommunications and wireless networks with major international awards. He is an IEEE Fellow and the only Greek academic in the scientific fields of Informatics and Telecommunications, who has been promoted as Web-of-Science Highly Cited Researchers for 6 consecutive years 2015-2020.

Speech title: From Fryktoria to 5G and 6G: A Journey into the World of Communication || Date & time: Saturday 25 September 20:00-20:30