Paraskevi Nomikou | Detecting Marine Geohazards

17 September, 2021 News

Marine geohazards, such as submarine landslides, active tectonic zones (earthquakes), submarine volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, gas escapes, etc. are among the natural disasters of the planet. Submarine mapping with multibeam systems and autonomous submarine vehicles (AUVs), the use of geophysical instruments and visual observation of the active submarine space with underwater vehicles (ROVs) help to identify and detect geohazards.

In her intriguing speech titled “Detecting Marine Geohazards”, Paraskevi Nomikou will talk about the research team of the laboratory of Natural Geograpfy of University of Athens, presenting the scientific results of its research from areas affected by marine geohazards.

Paraskevi Nomikou received her degree in Geology in 1996 and a doctorate in marine geodynamics from University of Athens. She has created an extensive network of cooperation with both Universities and Research Centers in Europe and America, participating in over 80 scientific voyages of Geophysical / Geological interest with the oceanographiv ship “Aegeo” and foreign oceanographic ships in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. She has also authored 340 papers in scientific journals (135 peer review Journals & Conf. Proc.) with h-index: 22 (August 2021) and h-index: 28 (Google Scholar, August 2021).

Speech title: Detecting Marine Geohazards || Date & time: Saturday 25, September, 10.00-10.30