Spyros Bofylatos | The Climate Crisis as a Springboard for Innovation

25 September, 2021 News

The anthropogenic destruction of the natural environment has led to extreme phenomena which outline an existential danger that humanity has not faced in its history. However, new problems require new, innovative solutions.

What is this design that has the potential to not just be a safety net against climate collapse? Can we, through a new framework, move away from the least evil, in relation to society and the environment, and move towards the restoration of natural beauty and social justice?

The purpose of Spyros Bofylatos’s presentation is to explore how the modern climate crisis has the potential to be a driving force for the development of radically innovative systems.

Spyros Bofylatos holds a PhD from the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University of the Aegean. His research focuses on sustainability design, service design and social innovation. His research work is based on creating a dialogue between the theoretical framework and socio-technical artifacts that incorporate different research questions and value systems. At the heart of this process is the idea that we live in a time of transition and the production of speech that leads to new networks of objects-people incorporating alternative value systems is necessary to move away from today’s unsustainable society.

Speech title: The Climate Crisis as a Springboard for Innovation || Date & time: Sunday 26, September, 11.00-11.30