Vasilis Ntziachristos | Listening to Light: Optoacoustic Imaging and Applications

17 September, 2021 News

Biological discovery is a driving force of biomedical progress. With rapidly advancing technology to collect and analyze information from cells and tissues, we generate biomedical knowledge at rates never before attainable to science. Nevertheless, conversion of this knowledge to patient benefits remains a slow process. To accelerate the process of reaching solutions for healthcare, it would be important to complement this culture of discovery with a culture of problem-solving.

In his fascinating talk titled “Listening to Light: Optoacoustic Imaging and Applications” Professor Vasilis Ntziachristos will discuss the advances in optical and optoacoustic technologies from the perspective of problem-solving, in particular in the areas of early disease detection and monitoring. He will show how new classes of imaging systems and sensors can play a critical role in the frequent assessment of biochemical and pathophysiological parameters of systemic diseases, complement knowledge from –omic analytics, and drive integrated solutions for improving healthcare.

Vasilis Ntziachristos Ph.D. is Professor of Medicine, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the Chair for Biological Imaging (CBI) at the Technical University of Munich, Director of the Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging (IBMI) at the Helmholtz ZentrumMunchen and Director of Bioengineering at the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus. Professor Ntziachristos has received numerous awards and distinctions, including the Chaire Blaise Pascal (2019) from the Region Ile-de-France, the Gold Medal from the Society for Molecular Imaging (2015), the Gottfried Leibnitz prize from the German Research Foundation (2013), the Erwin Schrödinger Award (2012) and was named one of the world’s top innovators by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review in 2004.

Speech title: Listening to Light: Optoacoustic Imaging and Applications || Date & time: Saturday 25, September, 11.30-12.00