Zacharoula Andreopoulou | Future Approaches to Tourism Development

25 September, 2021 News

The speech of Zacharoula Andreopoulou presents the future developments in the field of tourism development in the light of the use of modern digital tools but also the need to simultaneously achieve the goals of sustainable development for sustainability and sustainability. A research result is presented by the Interreg Program Regarding a digital application for a smartphone for the purpose of local tourism development.

Zacharoula Andreopoulou is a Professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and deals with the application of information technology and technologies in environmental protection, sustainable regional development and tourism. He teaches in many MSc Programs on Environmental and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the environment, the use of ICT in Tourism, eTourism, Green Tourism and Development Policy in the EU, topics which he also deals with research. He has authored books in English on the topics of digital innovation in sustainable development, new media in tourism, environmental IT, etc.

Speech title: Future Approaches to Tourism Development || Date & time: Saturday 25 September 17:30-18:00